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Mar 26, 2013

Atlanta Cyclists Riding on Capitol

Today Atlanta cyclists are riding on the Gold Dome in Georgia. Their goal? To raise awareness of cycling. Newsflash: when your goal is to create havoc every where you go and cause every one else on the roads to slow down to a crawl in an attempt to get around you... every one is well aware of you.

Here we ago again, cyclists trying to use politics and legislation to push their agenda and make the roads less safe for everyone. In this event local politicians come from around the state to hear cyclists ask for bike lanes they won't use, laws that make it impossible to pass them when they are driving 35 MPH under the speed limit, and overall increase chaos on our roads.

I live in the Atlanta area, and like in most metro areas cyclists are a huge problem. We waste millions on bike lanes they refuse to use. And in return we get cyclists riding in large groups, plowing though stops signs and red lights while slowing traffic to a crawl.

Make sure to let your local politicians know that cycling on roads, specifically high traffic, high speed roads, is something that has to stop and makes the roads safer for all of us.

Link: http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/21792497/group-rides-to-gold-dome-to-improve-conditions-for-cyclists


  1. this commentary is moronic. you dont even have the issues in play sorted out...it's funny, given youre are so totally lost as regards the relevant issues...

    please cite a few stuidies or books that help illuminate your point of view. and sicne youve considered the other points of view, name some commentaries you respectfully disagree with...

    of course, you cant. youre just talking out of your ass. like a good american male. you have no idea which way the wind blows...

    you need to study the built environment; which "roadways" are for who, and how they got that way; social subsidy (and it aint for bikes, its for cars!!)...and basic first order sentence logic.

  2. It's a shame these douche bag cyclists are making the roads so unsafe for our law abiding citizens. Whenever I hear about a cyclist being mowed over by a car, I find out where the funeral is and I go to mark the grave site. Then I come back later and piss on it. Burn in Hell, homo cyclist douchebags.1

  3. where in atl do you live?

  4. I hope you get cut off at the knees when some doddering old coffin dodger mistakes the gas for the brake, and drives you through the window of Hardees.

  5. Snobbed! I declare this web site "Full Retard".

  6. I want the two minutes spent reading this filth back.

  7. I want the two minutes spent reading this filth back.

  8. It can be fun to see how hilariously stupid the anti-bike people are. Also, funny that a guy selling that socialist bumper sticker takes two fucking weeks to ship! Now THAT sounds like socialist efficiency!