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May 3, 2011

Thee Foot Rule Fails to Pass in GA

Cyclists never cease to amaze me. Last month in GA cycling homers tried to get a bill passed called the Tony Serrano Three Feet Safe Passing Act. Here is a link:

This bill, per the article, “would have required motorists to give cyclists a 3-foot buffer when passing”. This is hilarious because cyclists are constantly trying to keep those of us in cars from passing them. I can’t even begin to count how many times I have tried to safely pass a cyclist, only to have him slow down, speed up, or drift over in the lane to try and prevent me from doing so.
Per this law all one of these jackasses has to do is lay off the pedals or drift over a few feet while you are trying to pass them, and you are in violation of the law. Freaking amazing. How much do you want to bet a group of cyclists got together to propose this bill to do just that? And they attached the name of a dead cyclist to it to garner sympathy. How nice of them. Apparently 19 states already have laws like these. I wonder in how many of those states they named the bill after someone who foolishly got themselves killed to garner sympathy among legislators.

I am not sure whether to respect or be appalled by the gall of cyclists here. Anyone with half a brain knows these jackasses are only doing to create more havoc on the roads. I would imagine these laws lead to more cycling deaths as well as once passed, these idiots start riding even closer to cars to get those “damn cagers” in trouble. Well worth it to them however.

Edit: Apparently someone says this ended up did passing in GA. Another victory for the bad guys.

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