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Feb 25, 2014

Cyclists Lose in VA

In most states, 40 actually, it is illegal to open your car door in the path of a cyclist. In Virginia it is not. In a shocking turn a bill to do just that, was defeated. It's been mentioned before, the cycling lobby rarely loses one of these battles.

Of course this mostly applies to areas where people park on the streets. Normally cyclists drive in the middle of lanes to maximize their effect on traffic, but in areas like these they all of the sudden want to hug the shoulder where people park. Of course this is because they are looking to get hit by a car door to further their cause and possibly collect from lawsuits.

Unfortunately for cyclists, Virginia has some members of their state legislator with brains who understand a vague law that automatically find the car at fault isn't something that should be passed. This is another example of cyclists looking for special treatment despite crying constantly they just want the same rights of the road as other vehicles.

Every day the rest of the wheeled worlds goes through the day trying to avoid having a parked car door get struck by a vehicle traveling down the road.. It requires both drivers to be paying attention and using common sense. Cyclists are disgusted by common sense, but also they do not want to be bothered with "paying attention" to anything other than trying to create havoc on the roads.

Glad to see some states are starting to wake up the the laws these cycling nuts are trying to get passed so they can make an even bigger mess on our nation's and state's roadways.

Link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/local/wp/2014/02/25/virginia-house-panel-again-shoots-down-bill-to-protect-cyclists-from-dooring/