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Mar 3, 2014

Spring Is Here, and So Are Cyclists.

March is here and with it comes spring, and sadly that means cyclists are about to hit the roads in full force. Yes, in the coming weeks prepare for traffic to be slowed to a crawl due to spandex warriors driving 20 MPH under the speed limit on major road ways while riding in the center of lanes. 

Most of the US experienced a particularly cold and eventful, weather-wise, winter. While cyclists do like to create havoc on the road, they also hate being cold, so while ice and snow were keeping drive times long and cars at a standstill, cyclists stayed home. But as the snow melts and temperatures rise, a nuisance even worse than ice and sleet will start affecting our roads. Atlanta was crucified by the media for the traffic jams created by a couple inches of snow and some ice, but what the media didn’t report is that the traffic in many areas is usually equally bad due to cyclists clogging up the streets. 

Be safe out there and we can only hope an abnormally warm summer is close behind and will sweat this menace off the streets by the end of May.


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