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Apr 9, 2014

Cyclists Pitch Fit Over Being Treated Equal

A South Carolina state representative tried to propose legislation that would give cyclists what they claim to want, the same treatment as other vehicles on the roads. Of course cyclists were upset. Rep. Wendy Nanney from Greenvile proposed a bill that made cyclists get a license if they are over 15 and ride on roads with speed limits 35 MPH and over, in other words, common sense.

After cyclists bitched and moaned, and also probably threatened her, she withdrew the bill. Apparently there is an "action alert system" that sends out emails to local cyclists when someone is trying to make the road safer. Nothing and I mean nothing will keep a cyclist up at night like the thought of safer roads. A hungry child? A single mother with 3 kids who just got diagnosed with cancer? Genocide? Cyclists could care less. Safer roads? Send out that ACTION ALERT!!!!

Hopefully stories like this open your eyes. I've been telling you for years the power these nutjobs have when it comes to local politics and stacking the laws in their favor. In a matter of hours they got a bill for safer streets taken off the table.

Cyclists claim they want to share the road and abide by the same rules of the road as other vehicles. Of course this is a huge lie. They wants special treatment that lets them create havoc on the streets and bring traffic to a crawl. By being able to ride without a license they are more free to run red lights and break other laws. Not to mention they ride tax free on the roads.

Another shameful move by cyclists, and we let them get away with it.

Thanks to Myles for sending the link



  1. The betterment of society? Ha what a joke! You are obviously a lazy fat bastard. Get out of your SUV and do something worthwhile.

  2. I really enjoy this blog. It is great to see you posting again. For a while there I thought you were going soft.
    I am a cyclist myself, and I have to admit that I come here for new ideas on how to screw with drivers. Any suggestions you can come up with are always helpful.

  3. This only makes sense. It would be great to know the people riding on the higher speed roads have vehicle inspections and are able to properly control their vehicles. They should also have the same eyesight and hearing exams. It is a public safety concern and I don't think immature attacks are constructive.
    A licensing fee could also help to build more bike lanes. Why would anyone fight this?