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Oct 21, 2014

Don't Get Violent, Don't Stoop to Their Level

Cyclists frequently threaten me. I've received death threats, cyclists have told my wife they are going to rape her. And that is just the beginning of the hate cyclists spew at those who disagree with them. Go back and ready every post on this blog. In all cases we at Spare the Road always preach safety and non-violence. One of the reasons we want to get cyclists off the roads is so we can create friendlier and safer streets for us all. Not everyone shares our view though. Violence against cyclists seems to be a growing trend. This is sad. Many people see no other choice but to resort to the same dirty and violent tactics cyclists do. Look, I get that it's a war out there. Cyclists are legislating themselves more and more power on the roads, including the power to kill others, and it's frustrating and scary out there for people with jobs, families, and lives. But we can do this non-violently. Call you local politicians and let them know you want cyclists off the streets. Stop with the violence please.


  1. Thanks for this. It might be appropriate to point out as well that this is what terrifies cyclists; drivers who decide to resort to violent tactics have tons of metal at their bidding to do whatever they want. And they'll probably get away with it, too, so long as (1) Nobody sees them driving recklessly, or sticks around to tell the police; (2) they aren't DUI; (3) they don't flee.
    Meanwhile, cyclists who resort to violence have about as much chance of doing real damage to the driver of a car as a deer. It's not that it can't happen. It's just that usually, the deer dies and the motorist has to get a little bodywork repaired.
    And that, BTW, is why bicyclists aren't required to carry insurance. They're just not that dangerous.

  2. I have had it with bicyclists, have tried and tried to get along with them; however, the disturbing reactions have brought me to the conclusion that they honestly believe they own the road and will go as far as running stop signs and lights to try and prove their point. If I ran into someone for disobeying traffic signs, I would most likely be accused of man slaughter due to someone else's choice to break the law. Is this fair, does this make any sense? No

  3. Not sure what all the hate is about. I ride because I don't like giving those crazies overseas my money. Where do you think bin Laden got his funding? From oil. One less islamic terrorist in my book and those that drive gas guzzlers are just part of the problem. I really don't understand what all the hate is about against cyclists. Do you have a web site against loud popcorn eaters at the movies? That would be more worthwhile...

  4. The road is for everyone. Please ensure everyone's safety. It's not your road. It belongs to everyone. You're not more entitled than anyone else. There are lousy drivers and lousy cyclists. Stop spewing hate.

  5. The problem is you cyclists want to "share the road" and spew garbage like "bikes belong!" but you don't follow the basic rules of the road, don't pay for registration and AREN'T INSURED against the accidents you can be involved in and most often are the CAUSE OF!

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