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Sep 11, 2011

Responding to Readers

First let me apologize for no new posts in a while. Some cyclists have suggested I “get a life”. Despite this great 3rd grade insult, I already have one and it’s been busy lately. I will try and do better to keep posts more frequent though. So in addition to playground taunts from cyclists, I also have got some great comments from readers as well. This one didn’t leave a name or handle, just signed it Anonymous, so we will just call him Al. Al left a comment on my previous post about Joe Harrington. Here it is:

Just what the hell is your problem? Have you EVER met anyone that rides on a DAILY basis? I doubt it. Evidently your experiences are based upon those "Spandex Warriors" that LOVE to get out and THINK they own the road. And then whine and cry when they don't get their way.

Well, I ride, DAILY, I do NOT own any Spandex, nor would I want to. My bike is not something that sees the light of day ONLY when the sun is shining.

I try and use sidewalks as much as possible as, frankly, drivers around here are assholes. AND, believe it or not, I actually STOP at traffic lights and stop signs.

The "Spandex Warriors" give a bad name to those that ride on a regular basis. I do not agree with they way that they ride. I don't belong to any of their sorry-ass organizations and I doubt they would like me anyway as I would have to call them out on a LOT of things that they do.

Perhaps you should try contacting someone that is a REAL cyclist and not some "Spandex Warrior" trying to see how fast he can go.
Assumedly Al as well, also left this comment a few days later:

I received EXACTLY the response I expected....absolutely NOTHING. I can only surmise that you are only interested in slamming cycle riders. Pompous-ass SOB that you are....
Wow Al, you are pissed!!

Al, I got some bad news for you buddy, you aren’t a cyclist. You are someone who enjoys riding a bike. Per your message, you don’t wear spandex and you try and stay out of the way of cars, hence you aren’t a cyclist. If you had bothered to keep up with the blog, you’d know that. These “Spandex Warriors” you speak of, and I love that term by the way, are the real cyclists. If you’ve never made someone late for work or caused a pregnant woman to have to give birth in the back of a car, because you wouldn’t get out of the damn way… you aren’t a cyclist. Cycling is about one thing, being a terror on the roads and creating a hassle for people who have legitimate places to be, all while looking like a giant douche bag.

Let’s not fight though Al, we want the same thing, these assholes off the road. And I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner, as I mentioned earlier I have been busy. Getting the “Spandex Warriors” off the road is very important, but sometimes other things take priority. And while “pompous-ass SOB” is probably an accurate description of me I am not only interested in “slamming cycle riders”. I am interested in getting them off the streets for their safety and ours. Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you will feel welcome to come back any time and leave comments. 

To everyone else, thanks as well, and spread the word, there will be some new stuff coming early next year. So keep coming back. If you want updates when there are new posts, don’t forget to follow us on twitter or sing up for our RSS feed.


  1. Trying cleaning up the name-calling and cynacism, and this blog just might be taken serious by local politicians, communities and the media. As it is, it's just a place to vent, rant and get a good laugh about. Maybe the Onion would be interested in this nonsense.

  2. You probably ought to educate yourself just a little bit more.

    "A cyclist has all of the rights to the roadway
    applicable to any driver, except as to the special
    regulations for bicycles"



    One of those losers who rides a bike so I can harass people and who joined the military to get respect.

  3. You wrote:

    "I am interested in getting [cyclists] off the streets for their safety and ours"

    You should understand that they are patriots in a nation that even President Bush said was addicted to oil. When someone bikes instead of drives:

    - the less "We pay terrorists to kill us"
    (Frank Gaffney, Assistant Secretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush)

    - the smaller the foreign trade deficit

    - the slower we deplete our nation's natural resources

    - the less we pay for that person's medical bill through higher rates

    - the less we pollute

    - the less we warm the climate

    Your cause is dubious to say the least.