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Sep 15, 2011

Spare the Road Mentioned in DC News Report

We were recently mentioned in a local Washington, DC news report on the terror cyclists are causing the fine citizens of the DC area. Playing chicken with taxi cabs, provoking cagers, and in general, just creating havoc on the roadways. Business as usual in the World of Cycling.

While we are glad to see our message being spread, let’s concentrate on the story here.  Cyclists in our nation’s capital our trying to get more laws passed in their favor. As we’ve mentioned before the cycling lobby has been very successful in lots of states and cities, and in some cases even have a license to kill. Here they want to pass laws that make it so cyclists can sue drivers who harass them. Meaning it gives cyclists even more reason to act like super jackasses on the streets, because if they piss you off enough to give them the bird, or a big “F you!”, they can sue you for everything you own. 

If you live in any area that is considering a law like this, DC or elsewhere, make sure you call your local politicians and let them know you don’t want cyclists to be able to sue you for giving them a dirty look. As I have said before, the only way to fight back is through non-violent political action. Cyclists have been able to legally terrorize our roads because they have a very successful lobby that gets politicians on their side. Until we do the same, these idiots will continue to menace on our roads and jeopardize the safety of our families and ourselves, not to mention their own. 

There is a video of the story that accompanies the article on the link, I am not going to embed it, but you can check it out. It features a cyclist who has a camera strapped to his head and is riding in the middle of 3 lanes of traffic. He then is heard provoking a driver. Then he is amazed when he is slightly sideswiped by the driver. I am not condoning what the guy in the truck did, but come on, what do you expect? Remember Die Hard With a Vengeance when John McClane wears that sign that said “I Hate [N-word]s” in Harlem? I didn’t advocate that group of young African Americans beating the ever living crap of a police officer, but if Sammy Jackson hadn’t intervened, I wouldn’t have been very surprised if they had.  Wouldn’t have felt too sorry for McClane either.  

To all those who found us after viewing this article, welcome. Thanks for supporting us and always feel free to leave comments and have discussions here. Hopefully we will see Spare the Road mentioned in more media soon.


  1. Terrorize? License to kill? Provoking a driver(how by pedaling too slow?)...."slightly sideswiped?? I understand that you are frustrated, but your language is out of whack with reality

  2. This is nonsense and the author is out of touch.

  3. I would not call your mention in that article a positive thing. You were used as evidence that lots of folks are 'out to get' cyclists. Congratulations. The DC area has been made aware that you're a moron with rage issues. Sweet!!