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Jan 9, 2012

Canadian Man Jailed for Accident with Cyclists

From Canada, a man was found guilty of 10 vehicular charges relating to an accident he had with 5 cyclists. He was sentenced to two years in prison. Here is a link:

Per the judge, most of his sentence was due to him leaving the scene after the accident. I am not going to excuse what this guy did, he should have operated within in the law and had faith in the system. The problem is it’s hard to do when the cyclists always gets the benefit of the doubt in these situations. Whether it is an accident or you do it on purpose, or even if it wasn’t your fault, cyclists will lie and fake injuries, usually successfully. And you can bet you ass this guy knew that when he left the scene.  It wasn’t a smart move, and more importantly it was illegal, he shouldn’t have done it. But you have to have sympathy for this guy. 

I am not saying the cyclists involved did, or would have, lied or faked injuries, only that most do when they are involved in accidents.  It’s pretty common for a cyclist to make an accident seem worse than it is, if not fake the entire incident. As always, it is an ego thing, not to mention it helps them garner support for their cause. This man is going to have to do his time, but hopefully in the future this won’t be a problem, because not only will cyclists be off the streets here in the USA, but in Canada as well.  

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