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Jan 17, 2012

Cyclist Disrespects British Police Officer

Another story from the U.K., where, as we have discussed before, they put up more of a fight against cyclists than we do here in the states. 

The video discussed in the article was also in the link, but it seems it has been removed. Basically the cyclist ran a red light, the officer pulled him over, and the cyclist became abrasive and started claiming he was a lawyer. He refused to show identification and became verbally disrespectful to the officer. 

The video cuts off, in a scuffle, before the incident is resolved, but it appears the cyclist was eventually, and correctly, arrested. The story is a little vague on the outcome but it does state that the policeman was justified in his arrest. Hopefully this scum got a huge fine and at least spent one night in jail.


  1. Police officers need to be respected as all other people should be. However, I don't like giving them respect beyond what is due them. If that happens, our country would have become a police state by then.
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  2. So basicly he hid behind what you would call your 5th ammendment ie the right not to incriminate your self