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Feb 14, 2012

Give a Cyclist a Hug Today

Most cyclists have no one important in their life and thusly this is one of the busiest cycling days of the year. Instead of getting out and looking for love today, most cyclists will take the streets and try to prevent you from meeting your special someone for a Valentine’s Day rendezvous. Their goal: ruin your Valentine ’s Day. They know that if you aren’t riding a bike on busy streets it is probably because you have someone special in your life. By slowing you down on the roads they can prevent you from getting to that someone, or stop you and your lucky beau or lady from getting to that special Valentine’s Dinner. They want you to be as every bit as depressed and alone as they are. 

You can take any random group or subset of people in this country and you’d be hard pressed to find one as sad and lonely as cyclists. That includes Goth kids, people who attend Star Trek conventions and gingers. It’s why they take to the streets in the first place. So today, February 14th, if you see a cyclist on your way home or on your way to a special V-Day date, don’t run him off the road, as tempted as you may be. Instead have him pull over and give him a hug. It may just give him, the needed confidence and sense of self-worth needed to get off the roads. 

Happy Valentines day from Spare the Road. 

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