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Jan 31, 2012

Cyclist Purposefully Crashes into Cager

Here’s a story from Canada that validates what I have been saying for years, cyclists often purposefully crash into cars. 

The cyclist in this story was stupid enough to do it with an eyewitness present. After running into a stopped car and screaming racial slurs at the driver, she then physically struck the eyewitness who tried to calm the situation. Unfortunately the cyclist was not arrested, though she did spend some time in handcuffs. 

This isn’t a rare occurrence; cyclists often create “accidents” for any number of reasons. Some do it simply to ruin the life of another human being, dragging an honest, tax-paying man or woman through the mud costing them their reputations, not to mention thousands in legal fees. Others want to use these “accidents” to further the cyclist agenda, to garner more support for the changes to traffic laws they lobby so hard for. Laws that give them preferential treatment over people with actual destinations of merit, and who use motorized vehicles to get there in a proficient and productive manner. And still others do it just for the attention, which is the main reason most cyclists ride bikes on the road to begin with. 

That is why you always have to give the benefit of the doubt to a driver who is involved in an “accident” with a cyclist. Is it fair to those who have been seriously injured by careless cagers? No, but the vast majority of the time the accident was caused by the cyclist, usually on purpose. Remember that next time you see some cyclist going down major roads during rush hour, always do your best to stay away from them (easier said than done I know) because you never know when one will decide to fake an accident with you.


  1. Good example. The cyclist was cited for riding on the sidewalk and should have been riding on the street.

  2. Assholes exist everywhere. I am sad to see that the situation in the USA is so extreme and that your perception filter only allows you to see the cases where the cyclists are the assholes.