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May 21, 2012

Cyclists Want to Tie Up Police with Bike Accidents

I have been preaching to you for over a year now: while cyclists’ numbers are far less than those who are growing tired of their shtick, they are making their voices heard. From bike lanes they never use to 3 foot rules that give them the power to put you in jail for trying to pass them, they are getting law after laws passed that help them in their mission: to create havoc on our streets.

Now they want to spread that chaos to other parts of our lives. Imagine, someone has broken into your house, they have a gun and they are threatening to rape your wife, murder your children and rob you of everything you own. You attempt to call the police but are horrified to learn that all officers are currently out investigating cycling accidents.

That’s right; cyclists want to make it a law that all cycling accidents must be investigated by police. You can read the link below of one such proposed law in New York. Other places are considering similar laws as cyclists across the nation are urging their local politicians to propose laws that will take law enforcement off the streets and away from protecting citizens to investigate bike accidents. Even if it’s a clear case of a cyclists driving unsafely and causing an accident, the accident must get a full investigation. 

When will we learn that we must also make our voices heard? Call your local, state, federal politicians and demand they get cyclists off the streets. If a handful of cyclists can get a bike lane built that they will never use, there is no reason we can’t get laws passed that will keep these idiots of high speed, high traffic roads for the safety of them, us, and our children. 

 Proposed Brooklyn Bike Law: 

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