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Jul 13, 2012

Someone is Putting Tacks Down in Central Park

I don’t condone this, but I found it pretty funny.

I will say again, don’t stoop to their level. Do what cyclists do and take it to your local politicians. Get laws passed that keep these menaces from creating havocs.

I know normally stick to complaining about cyclists on the roads, and I have said before I wish they would keep it relegated to trails and parks. And that is true. But most cyclists are equally menacing there. I run a lot and many times instead of sitting in traffic I go to the park near my office and get a run in. There are a lot of cyclists there and they have absolutely no respect for anyone else. Despite their being bike only trails they stick mainly to the walking trails and frequently see how close they can whiz by a walker or runner without hitting them. When a lot of people have headphones on during their exercise, it can be very scary to have some idiot on a bike come flying by you without warning.

I still prefer to keep these idiots to the parks than letting them get themselves killed on the roads, but they can still be a huge nuisance in the parks as well. 

It is well documented that cyclists in NYC are among some ofthe world’s worst. Instead of resorting to vigilante justice, call your mayor, state senator, congressmen, etc. and tell them to help rein in these morons.


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  2. As if the spandex and the "all about me" attitude werent proof enough, now the cyclists are gonna start ass-fucking everybody too? Hahaha
    No engine? Get off the damn road. They make sidewalks for a reason.