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Aug 7, 2012

British Cyclists Behaving Badly at London Olympics

In the U.K. they know cyclists are a menace and look no further than their own London Olympics to see why. British cyclists are taking their havoc from the roads to the Olympic Games and staying home to do so. The 2012 games are of course in London this time, and that has apparently giving several British cyclists an excuse to act like the biggest jackasses on the planet. Know as "acting normal" to cyclists.

First we have recent Tour de Douche winner Bradley Wiggins. After becoming the race’s first British winner, and following it up with a gold medal in one of the 32,000 cycling Olympics events, he proceeded to go out and get“blind drunk” while tweeting about it. What a fine, upstanding, English gent this guy is. And a great role model for young people. 

Cyclists: We do bunny ears in front of people because 'fuck you'.

Another British Cyclist, Philip Hindes, cheated his way to a medal by wrecking his bike to get an undeserved restart. He even admitted it afterwards, but later backtracked. In some home cooking for the host country, the incident will not be investigated. This comes at the same time several female badminton players were banished form the games for losing on purpose. Here is a video of him admitting to it.

It is common to see young children idolizing certain Olympic athletes every 4 years. If you see your son or daughter directing their hero worship toward a cyclists never forget that these people barely classify as human beings and are among the worst people on earth. Make sure to set the record straight with your kids before you end up with an alcoholic douche bag cheater of your own.


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