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Aug 23, 2012

More Repsonses to Readers

Last week someone linked our webpage on reddit. We got a lot of traffic for a few days and a new host of comments and e-mails. As always we would like to address as many of your thoughts and comments as possible. 

First let me start with how many people wrote something that was basically “you are dumb”.  Check out the comments and you will see a lot people disagree with some of our thoughts and ideas. Well, maybe they do. They never actually offer any kind of counter argument, they just say “you are dumb” and that’s it. Cyclists know what we are saying here is true, one cyclist on twitter even admitted there was nothing he could say to dispute anything we’ve written but that we were assholes nonetheless. Cyclists usually aren’t the smartest bunch and that is why most of their comments are a step above “cycling good, you bad”. But we can’t fault them for lack of intelligence, that isn’t their fault. Which brings me to the first comment:

1. Your mom is a whore/I want to kill your mom. 

Let us never forget that cyclists are some the worst human beings on earth. More than one cyclist wished or threatened harm on my mother and/or referred to her as a whore. Classy. You have to remember, cyclists can’t contradict anything we are saying here, all they can do is call us names and make threats.
If cyclists want to know about my mother, she was a saint. I say “was” because she is no longer with us. When I was 14 my mother was ran over by a cyclist running a red-light as we were walking through town back to her car. We had the right of way, but the cyclists didn’t care. While she was badly injured she did survive and I was able to carry her to the car. Even though I barely knew how to drive I attempted to get her to the nearest hospital.  However on the way we got stuck behind a group of spandex warriors going 25 MPH under the speed limit. I was unable to pass them and my mother died in the car on the way to the ER. I begged them to let us pass but was essentially told to go fuck myself. 

So if you want to rape, murder, or call my mom a whore you are too late. You certainly showed that cyclists aren’t all raging douche bags though.

2. Math is a matter of opinion.

When discussing the myth that cycling saves gas many people e-mailed me to inform me that math was my opinion and thus wrong. Because even if math were an opinion, opinions are always wrong. There really isn’t a lot you can say to this. Cyclists: “Math is an opinion.”


3. Cycling Is Safe. How dare you try and save live?

Event hough studies shows cyclists themselves feel unsafe on the roads, someone actually decided to argue that it is 100% completely safe to ride a bike on the road, 35 MPH under the speed limit, full of 2 ton cars who are full of drivers texting and checking their make-up. Someone actually asked for proof of this, which is like asking for proof that it isn’t a good idea to jump out of a place without a parachute. 

Trying to save the lives of cyclists always gets them riled up and the posts we do on this subject always generate the most negative responses. 

4. Other things kill people too. Why not talk about those?

We’ve covered this over and over again. No shit other things kill people, no shit more people die in car accidents (there are more cars on the road), and no shit cycling isn’t the worst problem we have in society. 

So what? The idea that we can only discuss the absolute #1 worst problem or biggest killer is stupid. This is a blog about cyclists and the danger they are to themselves and others, that is what we talk about here. Would you tell a doctor trying to cure AIDS to go “fuck himself” because cancer kills more people? If you are a cyclist don’t answer that. 

5. Here are some other gems:

“I'm going to fuck you in your ass you piece of shit”

“Fuck you retard”

“Seriously..go die”

I won’t even repeat what these people said about my mother. This blog tries to wake people up to the facts and truths about cyclists and what kind of people they are. If you don’t believe me, take their word for it. They are douche bags of the highest degree and some of the worst people on earth.


  1. i'm annoyed that cyclists consider themselves real athletes. no you just like to exercise.

    1. It's not about exercise, it is about causing traffic jams and creating havoc on the roads.

  2. This, without doubt, is one of the stupidest blogs I have ever seen. It is a shame that some people use foul language and insults, but it is really no wonder. None of the articles or statements posted on this blog are compatible with science or with modern transportation policy. You should read a book one of these days instead of wasting your time posting nonsense. For starters, I recommend Tom Vanderbilt's book, "Traffic".

  3. Martin, thanks for leaving this same comment 3 times and thanks for reading. We only deal in facts here. Will be glad to check out the book you suggested.

  4. This is so funny I cant stop reading it. I love it. Thank you for writing this, seriously it makes me dream about my commute home from work on my bike.