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Nov 5, 2012

Election Day

Tomorrow is Election Day. I’ve said it a hundred times, I will say it again, cyclists have been abusing the political system for decades, and we can do the same to get them off the streets. 

Cyclists make sure their voice is heard, it’s how they get ridiculous laws passed like the 3 foot rule, it is how they get public money spent on bike lanes they don’t want to use, and it’s how they are still allowed to legally ride a bike on a 55MPH speed limit, 7 lane road during rush hour. 

Cycling is a local issue, so when it comes to President and Congress not a lot of discussion there. But when it comes to your state and local races, these representatives can make a real difference. Make sure you support candidates who will get these douche bag off the roads. 

Do your civic duty and vote tomorrow.

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