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Oct 16, 2012

Let's Catch Up - Lance Armstrong

Sorry for no updates in a while. Unlike cyclists who have nothing better to do than tie up traffic during rush hour, sometimes life gets busy for us. To make it up to you we’ve been working on something big and will announce it soon. 

I wanted to talk about Lance Armstrong though. About a month ago Lance dropped his fight to clear his name from doping allegations, essentially admitting guilt. Last week it comes out that 11 of his teammates admitted that Armstrong not only juiced but essentially forced them to do so as well.

Let’s not forget that Armstrong has been an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people. Not for overcoming cancer to roid his way to 7 Tour de France titles, but motivating those hundreds of thousands to take the pistol out of their mouth and boost their fragile egos by creating mass havoc on the nation’s road ways.  The boom of bikes on the roads that has led to the current cycling epidemic can be mostly credited to Armstrong. Hopefully this news wakes these people up and they realize they were following a fraud.

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  1. Their collective ego took a major hit with the lance story. They'll wipe off the tears with lycra and become more hostile and confrontational with larger protests/rides where packs of 25 and more bikers will clog two lane highways for miles. As this story has developed, their numbers have exploded.

    These type a personality types are like screaming children who don't want a nap. But most of these guys are decent and share the road, it's the large herds that dont want to share who give all cyclists a bad reputation. I'm surprised more of them aren't hit by the elderly.