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Jan 19, 2013

Armstrong Interview Shows Cyclists' True Colors

The Lance Armstrong sit-down with Oprah this week got only a fraction of the coverage it should, thanks mostly to Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and his imaginary girlfriend. From the coverage of the interview we did get it was pretty much unanimous, Lance came across as an arrogant ass and looked like an even bigger lying douche bag than before. My question is why were you so surprised? He is a cyclist.


It wasn’t shocking to many people that Armstrong had been doping for years. The last time so few people were shocked by a guy admitting he likes to get pricks in his butt was when Ricky Martin announced he was gay. But a lot of people seemed to be taken back by how cold and callous Armstrong was during the Oprah interview.

Armstrong is a guy who bullied other cyclists into doping, attacked those who correctly associated him with PEDs, and an all-around arrogant asshole. While trying to show some remorse, he managed to come off an even bigger asshole, and that is because at the end of the day he isn’t sorry for any of it. He isn’t sorry for cheating, he isn’t sorry for the fans he let down, and he isn’t sorry for ruining the lives of people who made accurate claims against him. 

It’s well known that cyclists are assholes, and their hero Lance is Exhibit A. Cyclists are people who care about no one but themselves and they get their kicks by causing havoc on the roads. When you have to slow down to try and pass one going 35 MPH under the speed limit, the cyclist doesn’t feel bad, it’s exactly what he wanted. When a cyclists plows through a red-light causing you to have to slam on your brakes when you had the green light it is because that is what she wanted to do, she wanted to inconvenience you. 

Cyclists, in reality, have fragile egos. They over-compensate for this by trying to be arrogant jerks that get highs from causing the entire world to revolve around them. When a cyclists has dozens of cars trying to pass him as he goes 20MPH when the speed limit is 55, he is enjoying seeing everyone around him having to conform to what he is doing. At that moment he is the center of the world and every one must adjust what they are doing because of him. 

Lance Armstrong, despite making millions cycling, was no different. The rush he got from being a complete asshole to everyone he met was also probably the only thing that kept him from slipping into extreme depression. 

But what about the lives of those he ruined because they tried and tell the truth? You can bet there won’t be much more than apology, and they probably won’t get that. Cyclists are some of the worst human beings on Earth. We have received numerous death threats from cyclists though out the years, including threats on our families. Why? Because we run a blog that says cycling on roads is dangerous. Our blog always preaches non-violence and if you check our twitter feed you will see where we have asked people tweeting about getting violent with cyclists to calm down and not resort to such extremes.  All we want is safer streets and for cyclists to spend time with friends and family instead of endangering themselves and others on the roads. And for this we receive violent threats.

The Oprah interview was a huge eye opener into the psyche of the cyclists and now more than ever people are realizing what kind of people cyclists are.


  1. You have serious, serious issues.

    1. It's a shame these douche bag cyclists are making the roads so unsafe for our law abiding citizens. Whenever I hear about a cyclist being mowed over by a car, I find out where the funeral is and I go to mark the grave site. Then I come back later and piss on it. Burn in Hell, homo cyclist douchebags.4