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Jan 8, 2013

Brooklyn Cyclist Fined $1500

This happened last fall (Oct. 22) but it bears commenting on. A cyclist in Brooklyn was slapped with tickets totaling over $1500 and surprisingly, he is outraged that he should have to pay fines for breaking the law. He admitted to running multiple red lights and riding with headphones on, both of which are incredibly unsafe. But feels the fines are too much.

Boo-hoo. Again, cyclists claim they want the same rules and rights of the roads as motorized vehicles. But when it comes to stopping at red lights, they conveniently forget about those requests for equality. 

NYC cracked down on cyclists in 2011 but is still trying to aggressively ticket those who are being dangerous, which is most cyclists. This should be an example to other cities and towns and hopefully we will see more aggressive ticketing of cyclists  nation-wide, it will help get them off the roads. 

See full story here:


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  2. Hi,

    I have been reading your blog for a bit. I am a cyclist in the Netherlands. I feel things are very different here than they are in the USA.
    1. Bicycles are on separate paths here.
    2. Almost everyone cycles here. This means not only the "greenies" (who tend to feel entitled because they are "doing the right thing").
    3. Cycling isn't dangerous here, mostly because of point 1 and 2. What's left is are the health, money and environmental benefits.

    You claim cyclists are tying up traffic. That doesn't have to be so. If they are on a separate path they can just go their way, so can the cars. In fact, if the bicycles are on a separate path, traffic congestion can be lowered. Bicycles do not take as much space as cars, so if a decent percentage of car drivers switch to bikes then the total will take less space. And think about the parking space saved!

    If a city builds bike paths then it can:
    1. Lessen congestion in the long term
    2. Lower smog
    3. Increase citizen health

    You say a cyclist was fined for (among others) wearing a headphone. Are car drivers fined for having the music on in their car? No? Why is a cyclist fined for having some music and a car driver isn't?

    Why do I write all this?
    Because I feel there is more than one solution to the bike "problem". Banning them (which you seem to want) or attacking them verbally in a blog isn't the best solution IMHO.

    By the way: people who run red lights are assholes, be it a cyclist or a car driver. I think they could have stopped the guy before he build up $1500 in fines for it, but a fine is in order.

    1. Neil... please do not feed the trolls. :D

      Having a rational argument won't work, it's not the point of trolling.
      Just keep riding and be well.

  3. It's a shame these douche bag cyclists are making the roads so unsafe for our law abiding citizens. Whenever I hear about a cyclist being mowed over by a car, I find out where the funeral is and I go to mark the grave site. Then I come back later and piss on it. Burn in Hell, homo cyclist douchebags.5