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Jul 30, 2013

Piece of Shit Cyclist Killer Gets No Jail Time

You will remember that about a year ago a cyclists in SanFrancisco plowed through a red light an killed an elderly man. Afterwards he posted online about how he was more concerned with the damage to his helmet, than the fact he had taken a life. 

Unbelievably, this man will serve no jail time. Chris Bucchere pled guilty and received 3 years of probation and 1000 hours of community service. Absolutely amazing. Some people often come here and think the blog is hyperbole. That cyclists are annoying yeah, but they aren’t really all that unsafe, right?

Cyclists do not stop at red lights or stop signs. It’s one thing for an idiot cyclist to get himself killed by plowing through a traffic signal and hitting a car. But when an elderly man waits for his turn to cross an intersection, he does so feeling safe that he won’t be run down by a vehicle that just blows through the stop light. If you live in an area that has even a moderate cycling population, make sure you are looking out for these nuts. They will kill you, and they will walk away with no jail time. As long as we keep letting this scum walk free, they will keep killing pedestrians. 

I actually threw up when I read this man walked away. The prosecutor whined that he didn’t think the judge would award jail time anyway. And sadly, he is probably right. In communities like San Francisco cyclists enjoy even more “freedom” than they normally do, which as we all know, is quite a bit of leeway. Cyclists continue to control the political system in many areas, and in areas like San Francisco they can even manipulate the judicial system enough to let killers walk free, as long as they ride a bike. It really is frightening.

The saddest part, this judge, this prosecutor, and even Bucchere, the killer himself, won’t lose an ounce of sleep, except over his helmet of course. 

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