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Sep 2, 2013

Another Old Man Attacked By Cyclist

Old people can be kind of like cyclists sometimes. They move slowly and they can keep you from getting where you need to be. The big difference of course is that old people aren’t doing it for kicks, they move slow because that what happens when you get old, not because they get a boner from keeping people from getting to work on time. That being said you would think if anyone had an appreciation for the sloth-like elderly it would be cyclists. Yet just a month after a San Francisco cyclist walked away with no jail time after killing an elderly man, a cyclist in Washington shoved a 70 year old man into the street because he felt like riding on the sidewalk. 

Even better, there was a bike lane available. When getting onto an empty sidewalk means cars could safely pass a cyclist at a reasonable speed, they are quick to point out that it is illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk. But when there is a bike lane available, they will quickly move to the sidewalk or into the car lanes to inconvenience others. Never forget that cycling is about one thing, being a nuisance to others. When they can’t find any cars on the road to slow down they will move to the sidewalks to pester pedestrians. 

The worst part, looks like he will get away with it. Even though a witness got a picture of him, it doesn’t appear he has been caught. The man who was hurt hit his head, but otherwise had only minor injuries.  

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  1. for the sake of sanity I have to assume that this blog is some kind of satire. the ridiculously unjustified hatred and slanderous remarks you post here are on the same level as race based hate groups. the idea that cyclist to get "boners" from being a nuisance to the populace at large is laughable. while I do agree that there are very dangerous cyclist out there there are far more and far more dangerous motorist in this world. if you feel a cyclist on the road is slowing you down when headed from point A to point B it's not rocket science go around them ( at a safe passing distance) and be on your way. if you are not competent enough to pass the vehicle going to 25 to 30 miles at best you should really re evaluate if you should be operating a motor vehicle. if you can tell already by my somewhat bias opinion, I am a cyclist and it is not my hobby nor do I take any joy by inconveniencing motorist. I simply want to get from point A to point B just like you.